Hi! I’m Angelica, the heart and mind behind CELESTIAL BEAM Photography. I want you to know a bit more about me. I am a former petroleum engineer who spent several years working in the oilfield industry as a research student, petrophysicist and rock mechanic.  I cannot complain at all about my previous jobs, as I was doing what I loved since university days. 

Then, the birth of my first child triggered a new passion. The first time that he grabbed my thumb he grabbed my heart forever! Nevertheless as an engineer, I was not used to listening to my heart and my logical thinking prevailed. I continued with my engineering work until I hit the boulder of the infamous work/family balance dilemma and realized, I needed to realign my priorities. 

I decided to pause my career as engineer, leave my country, and have a second child…all at once! Drastic change? YES,  it was. I left my home in Colombia, South America and I arrived to the multicultural Dubai (almost seven years ago, now) with my husband and kids. 

A few months into my Dubai adventure, I discovered that I have food intolerances (gluten and lactose).  This shocked me because I wasn’t aware of what gluten was, or where to find it, how to arrange my diet, or what to cook for the whole family, but my engineering skills kicked in!  I started with researching, studying, and learning how to cook for my crowd without gluten. I began to develop my own gluten and lactose-free recipes. 

In order to document all my recipes, my photography skills needed improvement. I dove in and immersed myself in a new hobby.  During the last few years I focused on food photography; studying food composition technique, food styling, and image processing. I continue attending workshops with experienced photographers in various areas (like food and commercial photography) because just as in any other specialty, it is always evolving and the applications are enormous.

This journey of discovering new interests, needs, and passions has culminated in “Celestial Beam!” – combining cooking and photography. My creativity and skills are mature for marketing these services and I now have a track-record for preparing food, products, and portraits.

I hope you enjoyed browsing through my portfolio. I would be delighted to photograph your food or lifestyle portraits! Do not hesitate to contact me at celestialbeamllc@gmail.com,  Also, if you want to share a scrumptious Gluten free recipe, I would be over the moon to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by