About Me

Hi , I’m Angelica !

I am the head and heart behind CELESTIAL BEAM Photography I want you to know a bit more about me:  I formerly a Petroleum Engineer who work several years in the Oilfield industry as: research student, Petrophysicist and Rock mechanics.

After the birth of my first son, I felt in love with this little creature.When he grabbed my thumb he grabbed my heart forever…! Nevertheless as engineer I didn’t  used to listened my heart often, I used to prevail my logical thinking . I continued with my work until I realized that the famous work / family balance, that I hear about, was not longer possible for me after few years, or at least was not compatible with the kind of mother that I dream to be. 

After a while my body started to talk to me through symptoms letting me know very clear that I need to change my lifestyle.

I decided to stop my career as engineer, to leave my country   and to have a second child…All together…! Drastic change ? YES,  It was. I left my home country Colombia in South America and I arrived to the multicultural Dubai almost seven years ago with my husband and kids. 

Spice Souk, Old Dubai . (Celestial Beam Image)

few months after my arrival to Dubai, I found out  that I have food intolerances (gluten and lactose ) this notice shocked me.But my engineering skills rebound, I started with a research, studying and learning how to cook for my family without gluten. I started to adapt classic recipes and develop my own gluten and lactose free recipes and in order to document all my recipes, my photography skills need to be in a higher level.

I engage my self with the photography, during the last few years I was focused in food photography, studying food composition technique, food styling, image processing, I attended and I continue attending workshops with experienced photographers in different areas: food and commercial photography, Because  as any other specialty, It is always evolving and the applications are enormous.

All those years doing what I love taking care of my family, learning how to cook in a healthy way and developing my photography skills …helped me to discover my passions, “ cook and shoot” now I want to offer my skills to you.

Fresh Dates, Produce in Emirates UAE (celestialBeam Image)

I hope you love my portfolio imagery and Recipes… if you want to give me the pleasure to shoot your food or environmental portrait contact me to:

info@celestialbeamllc.com  or if you want to share a delicious and healthy recipe I will be happy to hear from you..

Thanks to stop by and read…